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Working with the User Profile DataSource Parameter for Sharepoint 2010

  Shared By: AconcaguaIT      Date: Jan 05      Category: Sharepoint 2010     
The Data View/Data Form Webpart is one of the most commonly used components of Sharepoint development. With little or none development skills required, this component can quickly integrate content and data from diverse DataSources. These DataSources usually expose Parameters for data filtering, sorting, etc. Parameters can be static values, can be binded to controls available on the WebPart or even populated through a WebPart Connection. In addition, the User Profile Parameter for Sharepoint 2010 component enables access from any DataSource being used in a Data Form WebPart to the User Profile properties collection. Using this tool, the DataSource Parameters can be populated with values available in the logged user profile, such as Account ID, Fullname, Work E-mail and even custom profile properties. In this way, WebParts can show profile aware values using the user's profile properties as parameters to make queries to defined DataSources, making development more efficient. This video explains how to implement this new tool in your developments.


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