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Unleashing CMIS - From Federated Search to Developer Tools 20090422 1633

  Shared By: alfresco101      Date: Jul 14      Category: Sharepoint     
View the recording of "Unleashing CMIS - Federated Search" blogs.alfresco.com CMIS is to Content Management Systems, what SQL is to Databases. It facilitates federated search. It further simplifies the embedding of Alfresco for OEMs. Developers can build and test CMIS applications using Alfresco which then can be deployed on SharePoint, EMC, IBM, or OpenText. Come and learn about the explosive possibilities of CMIS for your business. Featuring Laurence Hart, the lead implementer of the federated search at AIIM. As well as Paul Hampton and Yong Qu, implementers from the Alfresco team. CMIS has huge momentum and will become the foundation for building a new generation of content collaboration and social computing applications, said John Newton, CTO, Alfresco Software. This is a huge step forward for Content Management Systems in 2009. Demystify CMIS, and enable your organization. View the webinar recording of "Unleasing CMIS - Federated Search" blogs.alfresco.com


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