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SharePoint 2010 Chat with Matthew McDermott, SharePoint MVP

  Shared By: TheSUGify      Date: Nov 10      Category: Sharepoint 2010     
TheSUG.org has a SharePoint 2010 chat with Matthew McDermott, SharePoint MVP at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 in Vegas. -Courtesy of The SharePoint Users Group (TheSUG.org) The SharePoint User Group is a Social Networking site (running on SharePoint) and membership is FREE. You can participate in online discussions about SharePoint, ask/answer questions, and find SharePoint related information. You can also lookup or add SharePoint terms in the wiki (MOSSasaurus), and host your SharePoint related blog! Thanks to people like you, TheSUG.org in an outstanding example of how great the SharePoint community really is! by Sean Bordner & Liam Cleary


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