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Reduce ECM Costs by 90% vs Documentum, SharePoint & OpenText

  Shared By: alfresco101      Date: Jul 17      Category: Sharepoint     
View the full webcast here: www.alfresco.com Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is driven by a model of: * High cost, * High complexity, and * Customer control through proprietary power But in the current economic climate, organizations need to do more with less. And have a solution that focuses on: * Lower Cost A low cost, subscription model with minimal upfront investment that can be * driven out of operating expense (op ex) as opposed to capital expense (cap ex) * Greater Simplicity Rapid deployment to deliver immediate business value * Greater Customer Choice Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reusing existing * hardware, software and skills. No lock-in to one ECM vendor or one stack, so when a * vendor tries to dramatically increase maintenance fees you have a choice to go elsewhere Enterprise Content Management (ECM) pricing models are often as complex as their products. With literally thousands of options requiring salespeople to go to a sales university to learn how to price a product configuration. These models are typified by: * Per user pricing Often called Client Access Licenses (CALs) * No difference in pricing for someone who uses the software for 1 hour a year and someone who uses it 24 hours per day * A single user paying multiple times to use different software just to access or edit different content formats eg Word and CAD files This results in a situation where it is not transparent to a customer what extras are required to deliver a working <b>...</b>


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