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Right now, Microsoft's new business subscription cloud service called Office 365 is in beta. You can sign up for a free test account right now and try it out. In this video we'll take a look at what Office 365 offers and how it works with Windows Phone 7. Office 365 pricing plans will start at around $6 per user per month but you'll get a lot for that price. It includes Exchange 2010, Office 2010 Web Apps, SharePoint 2010 for internal and external web collaboration and document sharing, and Lync 2010 for instant messaging, voice/video communications. That's a full Exchange account too. It's not limited to Exchange ActiveSync for mobile devices or a web interface. You can also log right into Outlook with that and everything will sync up. In the beta there's even a little set-up tool that will set-up SharePoint links in the save dialogs for your Office programs as well as the Lync software and Outlook. If you're going to sign up for the beta for the specific reason of testing Windows Phone 7, be sure to read this first. Office 365 Beta Small Business accounts do not currently work with Windows Phone 7, however Office 365 Enterprise accounts do. It has been said in the support forums that the Small Business version of Office 365 will support Windows Phone 7 when it is finished, it's just that the beta has the functionality disabled for some reason. So just sign up for the Enterprise account beta instead. If you plan to use it for actual work instead of just for testing, the <b>...</b>

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