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Online Document Management: Collaboration & Storage of Documents Online

  Shared By: hyperoffice      Date: Nov 05      Category: Sharepoint     
Learn Online Document Management using HyperOffice ( bit.ly ). HyperOffice simplifies document collaboration, storage and backup from any web connected PC, Mac or mobile on the planet. TRANSCRIPT: HyperOffices document management system lets you store, organize, access and collaborate on files from any internet connected Mac or PC anywhere in the world. In this video, well show you how to setup the HyperDrive web folders, how to manage the level of permissions, and how to effectively collaborate on a document. If youre used to opening files from your desktop drive, you still can! HyperDrive lets you access your online groups, folders and documents through a desktop folder, like any other folder on your local drive. Anytime anyone on your team opens an online file through HyperDrive, and makes changes, all saved changes are synched back to HyperOffice. Documents are stored in folders and subfolders within your groups or personal folder, where you can open them directly from the collaboration suite. Lets look at more details about a document to collaborate on the document more efficiently. Lets say youre in charge of your team or department. You can manage the level of read/write/delete permissions each user has to reflect their roles and responsibilities. Permissions can be managed for everything from the group to folders, subfolders, and down to individual files. How about when workers are revising documents, but you want to hold on to older versions? Turning on document <b>...</b>


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