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Modify the SharePoint Help Desk Template and New Request Forrm

  Shared By: itgroove      Date: Aug 06      Category: Sharepoint     
This seemed worthy of sharing. Someone on Experts-Exchange asked about modifying/extending one of the SharePoint 40 Fantastic templates, to add their own column (Business Units) and then modify the New Request form. So, here was my response to him/her including the related YouTube/Screencast video, showing how it is done. This should prove useful/valuable to anyone unfamiliar with making these kinds of changes or modifications using SharePoint Designer 2007 (now free, www.microsoft.com/spd). ------ Hey there, You'll want to add your columns or lookups (and update your views to suit, dashboard views, etc.). Then, you'll need to modify the 'Newform.aspx' (by creating a new one, you should avoid modifying the original) and then assigning it to the necessary navigation like quick launch. I haven't spent any time specifically with this template previously, so there may be other things to do, but this should get you well on the way... I had some time tonight (and this stuff is fun...) so I made a quick video of the process for you, as I'm sure I'll be able to use this in the future as well :) In it, I'm doing the following: 1. Adding a column for Business Units (you could lookup a list, with more detail attached, if necessary, such as contact/owner information) 2. Opening the site in SharePoint Designer, to create (and assign) a copied/modified New Entry form (and you can of course modify the form as necessary, removing unnecessary fields, add validations, a splash of colour <b>...</b>


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