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EMC Replication Manager with SharePoint - Demo #3 - Restoring a Content Database

  Shared By: endeval2      Date: Oct 16      Category: Sharepoint     
As a follow-on, from the Appset/Job Creation Demo and the Job execution demo ...in this demo, I will show the recovery process for a single SharePoint content database using EMC Replication Manager 5.2 Sp2. The configuration used for this demonstration consists again, of a mixed virtual and physical environment, my purpose being to show the flexibility of RM, in what is considered a more typical enterprise environment. 1) I delete some files with a Document Library folder in the site 2) I will select a content database (ContentDB15), which for simplicity has one site (Site 15). Typically, Content databases contain many sites, potentially hundreds. Microsoft's limit is 15000. You get the picture :-) EMC Replication Manager works on the content database level, as RM is a volume-level replication product, thats entirely fine. So it does indeed simplify replication configuration. When you recover a content database into SharePoint, SharePoint will automatically re-attach all the sites previously bound to that content database. The Content database is in reality, a SQL database "attached" to SharePoint. The SQL server here is a two-node physical Windows 2008 cluster, where the recovery process will need to perform cluster disk maintenance mode, and so on, as illustrated. The recovery process is explained as it progresses and I show that the deleted documents are back after recovery. Thanks! James.


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