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EMC Replication Manager with SharePoint - Demo #4 - with Kroll Ontrack PowerControls

  Shared By: endeval2      Date: Oct 16      Category: Sharepoint     
Here is a demo video, which describes the powerful combination of EMC Replication Manager (5.2 SP2) and Kroll Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint (5.2).... ....In providing item-level recovery from a rapid VSS-based backup solution... Backing up SharePoint is a pain. For native item-level recovery, it's worse - Microsoft require a recovery farm. This involves wasted infrastructure & resources, up-front configuration, etc. A directed restore, followed by a manual extraction and copy process back to production. With RM and Kroll, its a simple 3-step process. Mount a replica, point Kroll at the content databases, get back your document(s). In this demonstration, 1) I do what I do best, cause data loss - I delete two documents 2) Mount an existing RM SharePoint replica 3) Point Powercontrols at the mounted database files and recover my document Kroll Ontrack Powercontrols for SharePoint Version 5.2 is out mid-October 2009. You can either recover the document(s) directly back into SharePoint (as in this demo), or You can export the documents to filesystem (including a document metadata text file, which enables content migration/scripting)


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