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DCHR Training - Sharepoint Overview

  Shared By: jobforce      Date: Oct 12      Category: Sharepoint     
ABOUT THIS COURSE: In this overview, we learn what Sharepoint 2010 is, and what it is not. Over 54000 tutorials and courses are available from Lynda.com, a quality online training provider that we are proud to be affiliated with. We recommend signing up for the annual subscription plan affordably priced at $375.00 for unlimited access. www.lynda.com ### LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is a 'Proof of Concept' Pilot Demonstration. No contract for this program presently exists between the DC government, and the David Hoffman Agency and it's JOBFORCE(r) programs. The need for a 'Proof of Concept' demonstration was identified when various mobile platforms such as AppleTV, iPAD, iPhone, Droid, etc. were introduced to the marketplace since the last time the DC government drafted and awarded a multi-year Learning Management System contract. One vendor (DHA-JOBFORCE) wanted to know if it was possible for DC government employees to receive job training courses on mobile delivery platforms although the DC government did not specifically request this ability at the time. This video sample is being provided in association with DC Sol# DCBE-2010-B-0001 and our proposal for services therein. No employees, agents, or participants are authorized to receive any training in exchange for compensation and contractor reimbursement unless a duly authorized contract is executed. If you are interested in receiving training directly, without government sponsorship, you are encouraged to use the link above <b>...</b>

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