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Content as a Service - How to Host Alfresco on Amazon EC2

  Shared By: alfresco101      Date: Jul 14      Category: Sharepoint     
Content As A Service: Content Circles uses a unique hybrid web/peer-to-peer (p2p) approach to make distributed team collaboration across companies seamless, secure and auditable. By automatically encrypting, replicating and synchronizing content across only team members computers, Content Circles keeps everyone on the same page while guaranteeing complete confidentiality and security. Who does this apply to? 1. Are your workgroups distributed across multiple organizations? 2. Are your applications content-intensive? 3. Are you dealing with sensitive content? 4. Is version management and access control critical in your environment? 5. Does your company have different internal content management systems? If so - you won't want to miss THIS webinar. As a secure bridge between Alfresco Enterprise Content Management system and external team members, Content Circles also keeps track of all activity on content originating from Alfresco and provides complete auditability for compliance and regulatory purposes. Content Circles keeps you and your distributed team on the same page. * Create confidential and secure circles (workspaces) right on your desktop, for collaboration with your distributed team. * Collaborate on files of any size and any type, online or offline, within and across companies. * Publish files to enterprise content repositories, like Alfresco Enterprise * Manage access and workflow; track file status, changes, versions and comments Governance, retention and <b>...</b>

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