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3 Ways to Access Office Documents without SharePoint

  Shared By: pocketnowvideo      Date: Dec 13      Category: Sharepoint     
On Windows Phone 7, there isn't really any way to sync Office documents to the device unless you're using SharePoint 2010. You can't even sync Office documents over through the USB cable. If you don't have SharePoint 2010, fortunately there are a few other ways for you to get Office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into your phone's Office Hub. The first and silliest option is to email the files to yourself. Yes, it's pretty ridiculous, but it works. Once you download the files as attachments, you can open them in their respective Office 2010 apps, and then choose the "Save As" command from the bottom menu in order to save the files to your Office Hub. One tip offered by Todd Allcock is to create a separate free email account that's only used for transferring documents to your Windows Phone 7. The next way is to save your documents on SkyDrive as part of your Windows Live account. The Windows Phone 7 Office Hub does not support syncing with SkyDrive directly, however if you browse to your SkyDrive folder using Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7 (while in "mobile" view mode), you'll be able to download the files to your device and subsequently "Save As" into the Office Hub just like you would if you emailed them to yourself. Unfortunately there's no way to save the files back to SkyDrive. If you have your own web server, of course you can post the files there, and then download them to your phone via Internet Explorer as well. The third way to get Office <b>...</b>

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