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SharePoint 2007 -- Custom List Forms

 How to build a custom form for a SharePoint 2007 list or library.


SmartList on Sharepoint 2007

 How to transform Sharepoint list into a workflow enabled e-form. Quick replacement for InfoPath


SharePoint 3.0/2007 Install - An Overview of Setup

 Visit LearnItFirst, our new channel with over 100 videos! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pt. 1 - An Overview of the Setup Process and the Pre-Install...


Share Point 2007 & VS Net 2005 Extension for WSS 3.0 - Event Receiver Lesson 1(Part II)

 Sharepoint 2007 supports various events on Lists such as document library. These events is classified into two categories - Synchronous and Asynchronous. Synchronous events such as "ItemAdding" or "It...


SharePoint 2007 & VS Net 2005 Extension for WSS 3.0 List Lesson 5 (Part I)

 Sharepoint 2007 Technology Built-in provides number of themes to change your web application themes. You can add your own themes or customize existing ones for application to Web sites in Microsoft Wi...


Building a Basic Approval SharePoint Workflow

 In this scenario, I show you how to build a simple 1 level Approval Workflow around a fictional Expense Report. In the video I focus on the Workflow piece, although I show that I am using a Custom ASP...

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