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Skelta BPM is an enterprise class Business Process Management (BPM) platform & Advanced Workflow Software that eliminates the risk of process initiatives, enables communication amongst all process stakeholders and drives innovation by fostering business ownership. Skelta BPM empowers business analysts to quickly build end-to-end, feature rich, process centric, composite business applications using a web interface. Skelta BPM enables quick automation and improvement of processes without any coding. Skelta BPM components support every step in the lifecycle of a process based application, namely – Envision & Model, Execute & Deploy and Optimize & Analyze.
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Role of BPM in Human Resources
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Most of the technologies depend on merging information technology with the automation of various sub-processes, and since the function of the human resources department is no longer limited to perform...
The Relevance of Simulation in Today’s BPM World
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Processes are definitely more automated now as compared to a couple of years ago, and the focus of such solutions is becoming more and more client based. However, with the focus shifting on the needs ...
Composite Applications in Today’s BPM World
Posted On: Apr 14         Comments: 0
Composite Applications come with a range of executable components which can then be sequenced as per the end user’s preferences.
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