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Zhang meter bridge or ladder? Mourinho banned for suspected use of props mysterious Conducting

  Asked By: Bennie    Date: Dec 16    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 6938

YORK, Nov. 9 report: in the absence of the scene, lost 0-1 away. However, Mike Mussina, though not at the Britannia Stadium, but he was probably still in the remote control the FIFA 16 game. Cameraman on the scene to take the Blues bench three assistants to carry a mysterious instrument, this may be in violation of the FA provisions of Mike Mussina, evidence of a link with the coaching staff. Suspected communications equipment appeared in the Chelsea coach abuse referees because West Ham lost 1-2 at halftime battle, refused to leave the referee locker room and a series of words and deeds, was suspended for one FIFA 16 game + FA fined 4 ten thousand pounds, so he can not enter the home to Stoke City Conducting Competition. Before the FIFA 16 game, the media have it quite curious, then the match, where Mike Mussina will be watching. Holland FOLDER block suspected dialogue with Mourinho press conference on Friday, the Portuguese had promised, and not in the race in contact with the coaching staff, and even said that might not be watching the FIFA 16 game. But this is clearly a ventilation Mike Mussina, he could not focus on how the court process? According to British media reports, the madman in a local hotel watched the FIFA 16 game live. After the start of the FIFA 16 game, the scene of the cameraman who has been staring at the Chelsea bench to see if Mike Mussina's three assistants will be in contact with Mourinho, but they do have the harvest, a black walkie-talkie communications equipment was suspected they shot that this is likely to be an artifact assistants immediate contact with Mike Mussina. Moreover, in the match, assistant Steve - Holland has used this instrument to engage with Mike Mussina. To avoid detection, using a folder specifically Hollander was blocked, but the more he do it, the more skeptical media and Mike Mussina in his dialogue. 'Daily Mail' can not help but wonder, was suspended Mourinho so dry, in violation of the FA 'can not be in touch with the coaching staff,' the provisions of it? http://www.uufifa.com/



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