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WSSv2 web zones and site templates

  Asked By: Colt    Date: Jul 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1018

Most all of the default WSS v2 site templates and the downloadable application
site template packs have only left and right webzones.

However, some of the downloadable application site templates also have a top
webzone that stretches entire horiz length of the page and then a left/right
below. Oddly enough, these sites are all missing their left vert quick launch

Can anyone explain this?

I have a requirement for a typical standard team site template, but with a top
zone in addition to the default left/right; and additionally the page needs to
retain its quick launch along the left vert. Is this possible without ghosting
the page?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Rosanna Parrish     Answered On: Jul 03

You can use FrontPage to add or remove Web Part Zones. Of course
touching the page  with FrontPage will unghost (aka customize) it. I
believe all the customized page will end up in the database instead of
on the WFE hard drives.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kalash Karmakar     Answered On: Jul 03

So in your opinion, this wouldnt be recommended or ideal for sites  geared to be
huge (2 gb ?) doc libraries?

Curious, do you know if there is a utility that can re-ghost a page  once it has
been disarranged by Front Page?

Answer #3    Answered By: Mauricio Tanner     Answered On: Jul 03

The unghosting (customization) of a page  is only a factor when the page
is being loaded. If it's unghosted (customized) the potential is that
the page will load more slowly as it requires a trip to the database
instead of just pulling it from the 60 hive on the WFE. The size of the
site or doc library doesn't really figure in.

I know of two supported ways to reghost (uncustomize) web  pages. First
is Maurice Prather's Ghost Hunter web part. The other is a program
called reghost.net. I've used Ghost Hunter a lot and been very happy
with it.

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