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WSS2 -> MOSS. How'd you do it?

  Asked By: Chase    Date: Jan 22    Category: MOSS    Views: 1058

I need to figure out the best recommendation for our users from
migrating from WSS2 to MOSS.

Right now we have a WSS2 server with maybe 50 sites on it. These sites
aren't organized in any logical hierarchy and most are just top-level
team sites.

Not all of these sites are going to migrate.

A lot of these sites were built upon templates that the users 'regret'
using, in that they picked something prior to understanding all the
options and have wished they could have gone with a different template
in hindsight.

Given that, are there some compelling reasons to use some of the
migration tool kit/command line tools available from Microsoft to
migrate the sites completely to MOSS vs. having users build new sites
and migrate content?

The latter would be a bit more work for the site admins, but I feel that
it would be a good way to a) get them used to MOSS b) let them redo
their sites now that they understand SharePoint a bit better and c)
allow them to cull their sites and content.

Thoughts on that? Has anyone done site migration like this in their
organization and have any advice?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Julia Washington     Answered On: Jan 22

I assume you are talking about using gradual migration  to allow you to
use the site  definition mapping and per-site-collection upgrade? If so,
yes, we've used this, but not in this particular way. The potential
issues I see are:

1) The upgrade is per site collection, not per site.

2) The site definition mapping maps all sites  with a particular
definition, there isn't any way I've found to say "use def x for sites y
& z"

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