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WSS v3 vs. MOSS -- What do we need?

  Asked By: Karen    Date: Aug 17    Category: MOSS    Views: 1303

We in my department are relative newbies in the land of SharePoint, having
brought up our first 2003 WSS server last fall. The central IT Services
department also started their first SPS server last fall. Now we are anxious
to get to SharePoint 2007, and some basic questions have come up. I need
some orientation, so I am interested in your top-of-the-head information; I
will follow up with detailed research.

1) Is it possible to run WSS v3 without MOSS? How do we install it (the
installer we got from Select installs both without an option to skip MOSS)?

2) Why would we want to run MOSS in our department (given that IT Services
is committed to running MOSS for the University as a whole)? Why would we
_not_ want to run MOSS here?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jaime Weaver     Answered On: Aug 17

1) Yes, WSS v3 can run without MOSS. In fact, there's a WSS-only download. MOSS
is built on top of WSS, so when you install MOSS, it installs WSS first for you

2) Enterprise-ish features... centralized portals, search, my sites, etc. Also,
all the Forms Server (web-ified InfoPath forms), Enterprise Content Management
(Records Mgmt, Doc Mgmt, Content Mgmt.... ala Web Content Management ...
publishing [so near and dear to my heart :P]), all business intelligence stuff,

Do some searches on the SharePoint Team Blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/Sharepoint).
I'm sure you'll find a "what's in MOSS that WSS doesn't provide" like slide
deck. If you don't, reply to the DL and I'll see if I can't dig one up from my
bottomless pit (translated: laptop hard drive).

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