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WSS Newbie Questions

  Asked By: Emilio    Date: Jan 11    Category: WSS    Views: 819

I am totally new to WSS, have nothing installed, am just
investigating it, and have lots of questions. I have not found any
very basic "getting started" guide which would answer my questions,
so that's my first question. Does such a beginner's guide exist?
Anything I have seen does not talk (at least at my level) about how
to transition from a traditional shared files environment to WSS.

We have a file server with shared folders, with linked documents
(i.e. hyperlinks in Word docs to other docs & programs). Everybody
works in the various file server folders and they store the
information for the long term. We have a Windows 2003 server, Citrix
XP Server, and are about to upgrade from SBS2000 to SBS2003, so my
infrastructure for doing this is in place.

Are team sites temporary by design? I don't see how it's practical
to temporarily upload documents to a site and then move them back to
the file server for archiving purposes. I had originally hoped that
the sharepoint site would provide links to the original location of
the various documents on the file server.

Some people will find it difficult to embrace this new way of
working, so how have others handled the transition? Did you move
totally to WSS, are you keeping dual systems, how are you managing

Oh, and I'm a one-person IT department of a very busy, small, non-
profit. Perhaps the way to start is to just use WSS as our
organization's intranet site and see where we can take this, but I
would appreciate any light anyone can shed on my quest to learn more
about this. Thank you!



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Randall Hunt     Answered On: Jan 11

Here are some helpful introductory to advanced links:
http://wss.collutions.com/default.aspx - this one requires an id and
password, but you can access it without them
lt.mspx - microsoft has a couple of webcasts which are available online
and provide intros to the product

Answer #2    Answered By: Joe Hart     Answered On: Jan 11

Here are some additional helpful links:

<Since this is such a popular questions  does anyone want to donate web space where we can post this type of information?>

Towards the bottom is a section called "Demo's and Training". Spread a little time studying both of these.

Excellent site with great articles.

Take the 2.2 seconds and sign up for an account at www.msd2d.com. They have a SharePoint section that is killer. They have a couple of upcoming seminars in June you will want to sign up for.

Once you are signed up take a look at the web seminar section. I learn best by someone showing, then going and doing. Bill English is a killer instructor and has a chapter out of one of his summits titled "Using Documents in SPS 2003". This will address your document collaboration, workspace etc issues.

Hands down the best bang for your $$. If you have the means make this a priority to attend.

Just received this book Friday. About 25% through and it has some pretty good stuff for $41.00 you really cant go wrong.

This is the book I've been waiting for. Unfortunately it does not come out until June 04.

Save yourself some time and take a couple of hours to download and review the SDK. I am a project manager not a developer and this document made several of my questions a little clearer.

Tips and Tricks for Using SPS 2003. I love this link and have gotten a lot of mileage out of this as I communicate and begin training / communicating over SPS.

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