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WSS Navigation between sites

  Asked By: Nicholas    Date: Nov 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 736

We have WSS but not portal. Are there are navigational tools/web parts out that
we can use to provide cross site navigation, ie lists all the sites a user has
access to? We looked at CorasWorks but they only go as far as the first site you
do not have access to.

Our situation:

Site 1
subsite A
subsubsite Alpha

A user has acces to Site 1 and subsubsite Alpha but not subsite A.

I would like to display
Site 1
subsubsite Alpha

Anybody have any ideas?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Cassidy Sharpe     Answered On: Nov 24

The Sharepoint object model will automatically return only those
subsites that the user  has access  to.

This means you can write a web part that will traverse the sub-sites
(recursively as well) to build a tree of available sites  under the
current on (or actually get the root item and display the entire tree).

Jan Tielens published some code to show and example of this.
You can get the source code from his blog at

This is just an example and you would probably want to make your
control more elaborate (say by using a control to display the tree
structure as a collapsible menu). This is somewhat more complex but
not overly so.

Answer #2    Answered By: Peter Peterson     Answered On: Nov 24

This is what I am doing too. I do it with custom web parts. One caveat, my
stuff is working with a top level site  and its subsites. Doing the same
across multiple Top Level sites  and their subsites is a larger level of

One web part I just completed does this: From any site, it shows the fliles
that are checked out to the user  on that or anyother WSS site within the
tree under the Top Level Site. I am about to do one that is similar, but
for sites that you have access  to under the tree.

Our situation has one twist that had me stumped for a day, many users will
have access to subsites but not to the Top Level site. Also, there are some
document libraries at the Top Level that must be accessabile to all users.
Just got these two working, so its all pretty straight forward.

Also, I looked at Tielnen's "What's New" and implemented a similar web part
for us. Its only really for use by Top Level Site users since they are the
ones who kind of manage the whole thing.

I am cleaning up my site definitions and web parts  for deplyment in the next
couple of weeks at our organization.

What sort of industry are you in?

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