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WSS List Integration

  Asked By: Brenton    Date: Oct 28    Category: WSS    Views: 953

Has anyone successfully implemented this ?

We are running SPS/WSS RTM, Exchange 2000 and have verified that all settings as per admin guide have been implemented correctly. We have got as far as the Sharepoint List being read but an error message coming back from Sharepoint main admin email address that states

There was an error processing one or more attachments

There is virtually no information on net about this, there is an MS KB relating to a bug in beta2 TR but not RTM.

Perhaps if this cannot be answered, does anyone know how we can identify what build of WSS/SPS we have in place ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Antoine Barker     Answered On: Oct 28

Are you talking about the SharePoint Document Library integration?
There is no SharePoint list  integration with Exchange, you know ;-)

I've been able to make the SharePoint document library integration
with with exchange  2003 but never tried with 2000. Is this feature
even supported with Exchange 2000? I was under the impression it is
only for Exchange 2003. Did you check the docs about the Exchange
version supported?

Anyways, what authentication settings are enabled on the Exchange
Virtual HHTP Server? Can you log on to Exchange OWA 2000 with the
account you specified in SharePoint? Can you see the PF in OWA and
direct address it via http://ExchangeServer/public/FolderName? Do you
require things like SSL on the OWA 2000 /exchange and/or /public
virtual directories or the whole IIS Web site?

Answer #2    Answered By: George Watson     Answered On: Oct 28

Are the doc libraries not also lists in real terms ?? ;-).

We have been through everything http browse OWA ok with user and service
accounts, PF not forms based, log on locally rights, post to PF
ok.......no stone has been left unturned.

Microsoft have run through this via a LiveMeeting support call and
cannot see anything wrong. Yes documentation does state Exchange 2000

"Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services includes the ability to link a
document library with a public folder based on Microsoft Exchange 2000
or later"

Answer #3    Answered By: Gabriel Patterson     Answered On: Oct 28

They are some kind of lists. I just wanted to make sure we're
not talking about a simple list  but rather a document library ;-)

Do you require SSL on the /public virtual directory or on the Web site
where the virtual directory is hosted?

Also, what link do you use in the WSS config to point to the Exchange
PF? Do the account/pw match with one you can use to access the PF?

If that all is correct I'm afraid I'm running  out of ideas too :-(

Answer #4    Answered By: Victor Hughes     Answered On: Oct 28

I was a little short, on the lists/doc lib thing, just still a little
ruffled from the last minute French winner last night in Euro 2004.

No ssl, link checked as ok (MS) , account/pw match and checked manually.
.....All I have is a key business user posting 100 documents manually
daily, with no real metadata requirements, so this + some date driven
views was a real easy pick

We have been 2 months with this now....

Answer #5    Answered By: Gordon Blair     Answered On: Oct 28

Guys who are working with SharePoint with Exchange
2003. CAn you help me?

We will be soon integrating Exchange and SharePoint
and I need to work on this.

a) Can You tell me how SPS and Exchange can be

b) What are the business advantages SPS can take when
integrated with Exchange?

c) ARE there any materials or sites to get information
to accomplish Proper integration  of SPS with Exchange.

I need to know 100% abt the Integration within short
period of time and I feel I am in a middle of a ocean
and lost!

Answer #6    Answered By: Barry Burke     Answered On: Oct 28

I still believe it is something related to permissions/authentication.
One reason why I think this is that I know that WSS uses the
SharePoint timer service to pull data from Exchange on a scheduled
basis but this service runs with a local network service account.

In fact I've been able to reproduce the problem here. What I am using is:

Windows 2003 with WSS + WMSDW as standalone server (not member of a
Windows 2000 with Exchange 2000 as DC/GC with DNS as single domain box.

When I configure the WSS doc lib e-mail integration  everthing seems ok
but the documents/mails are never pulled out of the Exchange 2000 box.

The reason, I believe, is that the WSS box here is not a member of the
domain hence the SharePoint Timer service fails to pull data from
Exchange because the account the SharePoint Timer Service uses has no
permissions. I even tried with Anonymous & Default permissions opened
up on the Exchange 2000 public folder but it still fails.

I am coming to the conclusion that the scenario I am trying to
implement cannot work due to design limitations and I wouldn't wonder
if it would never have been tested either ;-)

Answer #7    Answered By: Erick Carlson     Answered On: Oct 28

Check out this one, it might be helpful

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