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WSS Deployment Issues / Questions

  Asked By: Cierra    Date: Apr 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 914


I am planning a "Single Server" deployment Windows SharePoint
Services (WSS) web server to host WSS sites within 3-5 virtual
servers. Therefore I have selected Windows Authentication and Active
Directory configurations using SSL for user site access and remote
admin. It is important to note that my WSS server will be inserted
within an existing network structure that belongs to another company,
making security that much more important as well as preserving their
resources. The only resources of theirs I will basically be able to
take advantage of are their T1 and perhaps using the existing company
web server in the DMZ as an intermediary to the WSS server (see #1).
I will also be able to VPN into the network to remotely admin the WSS
server. With that said, I have the following questions.


1. Leveraging DMZ for Security

I am not sure if I am using the correct terminology as I have a very
loose understanding here but… Is it possible to set up the WSS
to sit behind the firewall and utilize the current (other company)
web server in the DMZ to act as an intermediary for users to access
the WSS server websites via the internet? I am told that if this is
possible it would be much more secure for the WSS server.

2. Active Directory on a Domain Controller

The TechNet Admin Guide – "Deployment Scenarios - Separate
Directory Directory Organization Unit Deployment" says:

"NOTE: Active Directory account creation mode is not supported
you install Windows SharePoint Services to a domain controller."

If I understand this correctly, I will require 2 servers to run WSS
in Active directory mode? If this is true, is there any way around
this? Can I utilize the domain controller in the other company's
network without compromising their resources or security?

3. Applications & Virtual Servers

I am planning on using a single IP address for the WSS server and
host three internet domains on separate virtual servers. I will be
using Sub-folder URL Name space to minimize the requirements of the
other company to have to register new domains in their host file. (I
think I have that concept correct?)

My question is, can I load applications on a separate virtual server
(one without a domain name) that can be shared by sites on the other
virtual servers?

4. Database Size Requirements

Is there a WSS rule of thumb for estimating website / database space

I will have an 18gb drive (mirrored) available to me and do not have
the luxury of having SQL Server or the HTML Viewing Service loaded on
another server. It was recommended to me that in this scenario SQL
should be loaded on it's own separate partition. Therefore, I
estimate what the database vs. virtual server space requirements are
going to be so I can provide adequate space.

I would GREATLY appreciate some input on these as well as any other
considerations or issues I may be missing.



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