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WSS 3 list view connection to another web part issue

  Asked By: Ashu    Date: Mar 21    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1858

I am having an issue with a connection between two list views. The first list is
a document library, the second is a task list.
I am trying to connect them for filtering purpose, select a document from the
list and it filters the tasks connected by similar data.
Document library has a col 1 through 8, col 1 is edit button, col 2 is a text
field used to identify the document uniquely other than document title or name.
Col 2 is what I use to send to the other list through the web part connection.
In the tasks list, I have col 1 through col 6. Col 1 is the unique identifier
for the tasks, and col 6 is a text field that has the same data as the library
col 2. When I use the connection wizard, I select col 2 from the library and col
6 from the tasks. No errors all is good, then I use the radio button to apply
the filter and I get nothing found in tasks list when there should be something.
Looking at the filter, it is passing an incorrect value, zero. I go and make a
change to the connection filter, using col 3 in library and col 6 again in tasks
and everything is good. I apply the filter and now it works, so it seems like
the filter is not sending the correct column information between the two. Any
idea why?
I just recently installed WSS 3 with SP2 and all recent patches, this is an sbs
2003 box and I followed the directions from MS on how to do side by side
installation and then another blog to allow the site to be my companyweb site.
All seems to be working except for this misaligned filter issue.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Amanda Brown     Answered On: Mar 21

Does the task list  have a lookup column  to the doc library? I've heard that
those types of lists cannot be connected, but not entirely sure.

Answer #2    Answered By: Carey Everett     Answered On: Mar 21

I thought that might have been the issue, so the col 6 that I mention in the
task list  is just a text  field with the same nubmer of characters allowed as col
2 in library  list view.

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