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WSS 3.0 Email Notification issue

  Asked By: Amareswar    Date: Dec 10    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 1716

Been a long while since I have posted in here, but I have finally been stumped
on an issue, I have set up a task list to notify users when task has been
assigned to them. Issue works about 80 percent of the time; did super in-depth
amount of trouble shooting with email servers, firewalls etc. and finally got
down to the SharePoint point piece, and it is not sending out the email. In the
log files at least the once I have looked at it seems that the same time that
the item is being submitted it SharePoint is throwing an invalid user error at
the object code level. Now here is the really tricky and weird part, our
organization has two separate Active Directories in two separate forests so we
are using ADFS 2.0 as a separate authentication mechanism on top of the default
AD. The notifications always happened for the default AD users, then HERE IS THE
WEIRD PART some of the users in the AD that is tied to ADFS get the
notifications and others don't (HINTS WHY I DID NOT THINK IT WAS SP at first but
they are not passing thru any of the email exchange servers for those who
don’t receive them I looked @ the logs) the users who use ADFS as
authentication mechanism that get the notification always gets the notification
and those users that don't never do! All users belong to a SP group with custom
permissions that’s allows them to add and update items but not delete, items
are always added to the list, just notification is a hit or miss for some users
as described above. I am not sure if I even understand the notification process
for a task list or even a SP workflow notification, I am under the impression
that when the user hits the ok button there is an event triggered that adds an
email to the database that waits for the owstimer.exe service to run then gets
it and forwards to the email server setup in CA. Need help if possible this is
really important and don't remember anything about this (I know there was no
ADFS in my WSS 3.0 training when I took the mindsharp training)



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Dharmesh Chetti     Answered On: Dec 10

This is a long shot -- and I may be missing something in there -- but do the
mail-less users show an email address in their SP user profile? Could be a
profile import issue.

Answer #2    Answered By: Brittanie Frye     Answered On: Dec 10

I checked that too! I looked @ there email field in both SPUser
profile as well as AD. We have ADFS setup so that it uses their email
address as there user name in SharePoint so they would not be able to get to
the task list if they did not have email set (they would not be able to

I looked at the link and the code, I am really thinking that this is
not the issue as for two reasons when the users come to the site anonymous
access is turned off so it forces them to login, if they did not have a
valid users name (which for the ADFS users is there email address passed)
then they would never get to the task list they would get the access denied
error as shown in the code. In my scenario they ALL (both AD and ADFS users
alike AND users that receive notifications and don't receive notifications
can get to the task list AND successfully creates a list item and assigns
them to a user, the issue arises at the notification process by SharePoint
for the users that it has been assigned to. Second reason is, this is an out
of the box task list not custom code used, I even created a new task list to
make sure it wasn't just the task list that had a corruption issue of some
sort but same results, that's why I am convinced that it is an issue with
the profiles or authentication/authorization process.

I think all of your logic is on the right path, I feel as if there is an
issue with the users profiles that have the tasks assigned to them that do
not receive the notification, but I have even gone as far as deleting the
profile and re-creating it. Not sure how familiar with ADFS you all are
(it's still a pretty big monster to me and I helped implement and configure
the servers/system) But you could think of it as similar to forms based
authentication, because it is just another secondary authentication
mechanism for SharePoint, hope that helps, Thanks for all your replies look
forward to more of your ideas/troubleshooting help. Also before I forget I
just tried a test assigning to a user that did not exist in either
authentication warehouse (AD and ADFS) and it created a new user profile for
Donald.Duck@... and not sure why that was allowed / happened any
thoughts on this may also led to an answer, also when I said earlier that I
deleted and re-create the user profiles this is how I did it, and I noted
that it assigned the new user profile with the same ID number as before,
could there be settings being store in the SP database that is either
corrupted and repeating itself?

Answer #3    Answered By: Nisha Dhokia     Answered On: Dec 10

My head was spinning by the end of that but I think you may be hitting an issue
where you are referencing a person who is not on your site’s User Information
List (UIL) and it is blowing an invalid user error. Look into the
SPWeb.EnsureUser method:

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