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WP xml data into SP List

  Asked By: Loretta    Date: Mar 05    Category: MOSS    Views: 1294

I have a 3rd party rollup WP that produces & display data fine. I can replace
its xslt with an identity transform to see the raw xml data details.

How can I get this xml data back into a SP List (MOSS) or onto an xml page in a
DocLib (so that I can use it with other WP)?

Can I do this with xslt? I think not because the xslt on the page with the WP is
executed in my browser.

Can I some how put this data into an xml data source on my SP site?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Nisarg Kapadia     Answered On: Mar 05

Yes, in SharePoint Designer, you can create a data  view web part. In
the "Data source  library", in the XML files section, click to "Add an
XML file..."

Click on the drop-down on that new XML file, and choose "show data".
Now, pick the fields you'd like to display, and add them as "multiple
item view" or "multiple item edit" (or whatever you prefer). Now this
XML data will be displayed on your page.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jaferry Khan     Answered On: Mar 05

My only experience with this is as follows:

I bought Penny Coventry's book called SharePoint Designer Step-By-Step.
I read the part about data  sources in data view web parts
Installed her sample site  that corresp0nds with the chapter, and went
through her tutorial on how to connect to an XML data file.

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