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Working with documents in SPS2003 & WSS

  Asked By: Nelson    Date: Apr 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 7500

More an e-mail to gather people’s thoughts.

I’ve just listened to your webinar which was very good and confirmed my suspicions

I’m a big fan of sharepoint but there is a fundamental flaw, working with documents from a client perspective is poor!

You have the following options as a user to access documents in a doc lib (WSS)

Access selected documents straight from team site or area (browser, long winded)
Map a drive to either the team site or area
Create a web folder for selected document library within area or team site
Or use selected application to access file (requires a mapped drive or web folder)

A user requires an improved experience but not complication of current process’s

If they are working with multiple document libraries you can not rely on a user creating multiple mapped drives or web folders, nor can and admin use GPO's to push out.
You can not use the explorer view to drag & drop (so why call it explorer when it does'nt mirror the required fucntionality, does this not confuse a user?)
The new document fucntionality only stores a single template (out of the box, you can add a drop down and multiple templates using code)

The user crrently has the following options to add documents to a doc lib

create document locally and upload to selected team site (browser) - long winded process
Create a web folder or share for each doc lib they work with - long winded process to set up, works great afterweards unless you use 20 team sites and 10 doc libs on each
Create a new document within the doc lib - can only use the template configured, user can not create a spreadsheet if the template is a word document.

There are a few other ways but no simple process's

SPS 2001 worked ideal... a web folder allowing you browse the contents of WWS (webstore).

V2 utlises a different architecture and whilst it is possible to browse the heirachy within areas it certainly does not work within team sites.

Implementation of new IT resources should improve your infrastructure pertaining to it's purpose. That said SPS 2003 should improve the user expierince! it does in which any ways but Microsoft needs to address this issue now and not in wave 12

Of course for a techie you easily deal with these issue and may not conceive them as issues, but a user will struggle

You may agree, you may not....but it would be nice to hear some views (not reliant on custom code)



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