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Workflows and Performance

  Asked By: Domonique    Date: Oct 04    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 852

I have a very complicated workflow Approval process (something like 15
possible approvals required) and I am planning to make it modular. I am
using SharePoint designer, and instead of one large workflow, I am
creating many very small workflows. In essence when the infopath form is
saved to the library, all of the approval workflows will kick off. The
first stop in the sequence would automatically process, while the rest
all wait for conditions to meet their specific criteria (the form has
concurrence boxes that, when checked and saved, will make another
workflow take action).

I am wondering, though, if anyone has run into performance issues based
on the number of workflows currently "in progress". I could have as many
as 15 "In Progress" at one time using this method, per form

One of the main reasons behind the modular nature of the workflows is
also based on requirements by the proponents as well. They want both the
ability to have a task list that they can look at for these form
submissions, or to be able to do the form submission straight from an
email link. The problem I am running into is that when you assign a task
with a workflow, it doesn't appear to want to move on until after that
task is complete, and if they finish the form submission using the
email, the task may not complete...I have had trouble auto-completing
the task based on the form contents.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jared Bell     Answered On: Oct 04

One thing I can think of, this is not a performance  issue but UI, with 15
workflows running  there will be 15 columns added to default view with "In

Is the workflow  task created is for the form  being submitted? I mean is the
workflow related to the form item? If so you track the change in form item and
continue the workflow from that point onward. I am forgetting the event name but
there is one that indicates a change in the workflow item.

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