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Workflow thoughts

  Asked By: Mayur    Date: Jul 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 906

I'd like to get your thoughts on a workflow. I have a requirement to build a
holiday approval workflow. It's simply, route the request to the manager,
approve / reject add to calendar.

They also want to be able to track how many days holiday the person has used and
report on it at the end of the year (their year ends 31st March). How would you
guys tackle this part? How would you tackle a holiday request that crosses the
end of the year?

bear in mind that I only have SPD available to do this.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Audra Mccormick     Answered On: Jul 26

Without knowing how you track  holiday hours now, Ill go off the basis that I
have no method.


First create an SP list that shows total holiday  hours available by person.


So, if you are using Infopath forms for the holiday request  you could do it this


Create a SP Form Library, and associate the infopath form template to that
library. The form fields could pull info from the Holiday hours list to populate
the form when opened, based on the person  that opens the form, or based on a
dropdown selection depending on flexibility requirements like someone filling
out the request for someone else.


In the form there are many ways to do the calculation for holiday hours. I would
suspect that you would want to update the Holiday Hours SP List until after the
request has been approved, which you could build  into the Form submission


From a workflow  perspective, you would associate the workflows with the form
library. Select automatically start this workflow when a new item is created.
The first and really only step in the workflow could be to email the Manager.
The email mechanism in SPD is pretty flexible. Depending on your organizational
structure, you could have this email sent several different ways. Mine was
fairly complicated, so I created sharepoint groups for each division in my
workplace, then created a Division Select dropdown in the form, and in that
dropdown, you would have the "value" of the items in the dropdown be the
sharepoint groups you created. There is probably a way to do the dropdown list
items in sharepoint and then reference it in the form instead, but I haven't yet played with that.

The "TO:" block for the email in SPD would then reference this dropdown in the
form to determine who to send it to. The subject can be static or based on a
form field.

In the body of the email, you can customize it to reference most information
from the form (as long as you included it as a column in SP when you published
the template). One nice thing to include would be a link directly to the form.
In the Lookup list this would be the "encoded absolute URL". With that link in
there, the entire process can be done by management without them ever having to
actually go to an SP site.

If you aren't picky about the email content, you could just do a simple alert
in the SP form library when a new item is created. This didn't work for me
because I work for the Department of the Army and they now block out all
automatically generated links (which for some reason does not affect those links
created in a workflow email....). In the end  however, the workflow email will
allow you more flexible customization options I would think.

Sorry, this ended up being longer than I thought it would be, hope it makes

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