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Workflow tasks not working anymore.

  Asked By: Darius    Date: Feb 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2459

We have recently begun to use Infopath forms with SharePoint Designer workflows
to handle routine internal paperwork... such as leave requests, professional
development and more.

For this purpose we created a custom Permission level at the root level of the
site, to use on forms libraries. We named it Add Edit Only and it contains the
following specific abilities: List Permissions: Add Items, Edit Items, View
Items, Open Items, View Versions, Create Alerts; from site permissions it
contains: view pages, browse user information, open, and Edit Personal user

Everything was working beautifully until yesterday. Our It department has been
gradually changing IP addresses on all 4 campuses... this week they're working
on the main campus. Today they changed the IP addresses on the servers in the
farm as well.

After 4 hours of no sharepoint, we managed to get the site up and running, but
the Users Tasks web parts on the various pages having form libraries, no longer
give the user the OPTION to approve or reject the forms. As admin, I can see the
forms in the libraries waiting for approval. I can check the tasks lists
generated by the work flows, the tasks are being assigned. There are about 30
tasks waiting manager approval. Viewing this individually they show the manager
hasn't started them.

The managers get the list of tasks in the User Task web parts. SO far so good,
but when they click on a task to perform it, instead of getting the Edit Task
option, they get a window that looks similar to editing a list item... only that
can't edit anything.

We set up a couple of test accounts with add/edit or Read only permissions...
the read only account can submit a form, task is generated, email received by
the add/edit account. Click on the Edit this task button in the email allows the
account to accept or reject.

Not sure where the disconnect is. Several of the managers are telling me they
aren't getting emails that they have tasks.. and since they can't edit from the
User Tasks listing, they can't figure out how to approve leave for their
employees. Making lots of people very cranky!

All of this worked fine 2 days ago... it doesn't make sense that IP changes
should be effecting permissions (to me anyway)... but I can't figure out what
else "broke"...

Any suggestions on how to further track down this issue would be appreciated.



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