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Word 2007 File Does not Show Heading if Opened from MOSS Doc Library

  Asked By: Megha    Date: Mar 04    Category: MOSS    Views: 1758

I have a Word document (.doc) that has a heading with text which I'm
able to see if I open the document in Read Only mode or I check out
the document to edit. Once I select Print Review or I print the
document, the heading is visbile and it prints but not the text within
the heading. I'm using Word 2007 to open the (.doc) document and I
also have saved the document as (.docx) with the same results.

What could be causing this problem? This only happends when I open the
file within the SP libray. If I save the file to my PC, I can view the
heading and text in Print Preview and I can print it.



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