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wikis and best practice suggestions

  Asked By: Kristine    Date: Mar 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 52598

A while ago we discovered a WSS 3.0 site growing somewhat organically in
one of our support departments. Everyone liked it and we are considering
taking some functions across the company and building a MOSS site. The
site is primarily being used as a wiki to collect product information
and despite my attempts with Google and other resources I am having
trouble finding answers to some of the questions below. I'm sorry for
the size of this email, I am somewhat long winded and honestly tried to
cut the message down as much as possible. I have been watching this list
for a while now and have no problems doing my own research if someone
has some links regarding best practice, or for making the wiki functions
a bit more manageable, then I would appreciate it. Thanks in advanced.

Searching the Wiki - Currently the wikis on the site are not searchable.
I have heard rumors that you can "turn on" the ability to crawl wiki
pages but I haven't been able to find any instructions on doing this.

Document Library Web Part on a Wiki Page - I understand that the general
consensus is to not use nested folders in a document library since it
becomes difficult to administer and it is impossible to view only a
single folder in a web part. Unfortunately our site grew somewhat
organically and I am in the process of adding metadata to the documents
and moving them to appropriate libraries. But I haven't found a way to
filter the view on the wiki page to only show the appropriate documents.
Since each wiki page is for a product I want the document web part to
only show documents appropriate to that product, and creating 100's of
document libraries (one for each product) doesn't seem right.

Now I have played around with this using additional columns containing
keywords and then creating views based on the columns and only adding
the correct view to the web part on the wiki page. But this seems
awkward and I feel like I am missing something. (Also I feel like I am
going to end up with too many views to maintain). I have been tempted to
create a single column called "folder name" that pulls from a lookup of
acceptable names, then use it to just simulate a traditional folder

Image Web Part on a Wiki Page - Adding pictures to the SharePoint wiki
is also awkward at best. I thought it would make more sense to add them
as image web parts rather than editing the html every time. However it
only allows me to add web parts to the bottom of the page. This doesn't
work for a product support page with multiple images and explanations.
Is there any way to edit the location of the web part on a wiki page?

I am starting to wonder if I am going about this the right way. Maybe
wikis are not the solution but just standard web part pages. Should I
instead create a web part page for each product putting my text in a
rich text web part and arranging everything else as needed? That seems
like a lot of work and I am suspicious that the text in the rich text
web part is also probably not searchable. Also I lose the main
attraction of the wiki being that all of the support users can add
content as needed...



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Meenakshi Khochar     Answered On: Mar 27

Searching the wiki  - In the Settings for the Wiki library, under
Advanced Settings, there is an item that says " Allow items from this
document library  to appear in search results?" Mine says "yes" by
default when I create  a new wiki library. As long  as this says YES,
then any standard  Wiki is searchable.

I assume that you have added a column  to your Wiki library called
something like "Product"? If so, and you have metadata  in your document
library that indicates the associated product, then it seems that you'd
be able to achieve your goal using web  part connections. Unfortunately,
a Wiki library won't let you do this.

Instead of a Wiki, I'd create a custom list. Now, there's a field type
that is similar to a wiki text editing  field, that you can use in this
new list. It only exists at the site  column level, though. So, create
a new site column called product  Info or something, and the column type
should be "Full HTML content with formatting and constraints for
publishing". In the new custom list, you could change the default
"Title" field to "Product Name". Then, add  the new site column to your

So, you have a "Product" field in your Doc library, and a "Product"
field in your new custom list. Next, create a new web part  page. Add
your custom list and your doc library to this web part page. Make sure
that the "Products" field is displayed as a column in each of the 2 web
parts. Then, create a web part connection that connects the Product
field from the custom list to the product field in the doc library.
After this connection has been made, then whichever product you select
in the custom list, it will display only the docs for that product.

As for images, you'll need to upload them all to an image  library.
Then, this "Product Info" field that you created above will let you add
images to it using the image icon. It will prompt you to select an
image from a library on your site. When you navigate to the appropriate
image library, there will even be a button to "upload" an image to it if
the image isn't in there yet.

Answer #2    Answered By: Latrice Henson     Answered On: Mar 27

I will have to play with the web  part page
idea a bit  more.

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