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WIERD PROBLEM! (IE6.0 , Rich-text editor, SPS2003, Content Editor )

  Asked By: Arielle    Date: Dec 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1661

My content managers are at my office door with pitchforks and I am
looking for help from anyone.

We have a SPS 2003 Portal (medium farm, 2 Few, 1 job/indx,
shared-services, and about 10 sub portals). Everything has been going
fine for years and then just starting this week we started getting
errors when Content Managers are updating their web-parts.

Basically, when they go to edit their content editor webparts using the
rich-text-editor everything works fine, UNLESS they use the 'font'
controls. As soon as they click the font-controls in the
rich-text-editor IE6.0 gives the following error:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

'An error has occurred in this dialog'

Error: 501

Permission denied

The funny-thing is that it only occurs when using the font-controls.
The user does in fact have editor permissions to the web-part and
associated page and can make changes using the source-editor with no

Also, in troubleshooting - I have found that if the same user logs on to
a PC that has IE7.0 and uses IE7.0 to edit the very same web-part it
works with no problems.

Has anyone seen this in the past or know the cause and/or resolution? I
want to exhaust all troubleshooting efforts before having to place a PSS
call, as I only have a few left..



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