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Webpart Error

  Date: Oct 13    Category: MOSS    Views: 2247

I was asked to migrate a Webpart developed MOSS 2007 to Share Point 2010. I have
to code for the webpart. I created a new webpart in VS2010 with the same name as
in 2007, and copied the code from 2007 to 2010. When i build it, was successful
and deployed it and it was also successful. When i go to my site and check it in
the webparts section in site setting i can see the webpart name, the wsp file.
But when i try to open the webpart it gives me en error.
An unexpected error has occurred.

I have attached the code file too.

And when i check the Log Files , i could gather this data
07/23/2011 14:23:52.02 w3wp.exe (0x125C) 0x03D8
SharePoint Foundation Monitoring nasqMedium
Entering monitored scope (Request
07/23/2011 14:23:52.02 w3wp.exe (0x125C)
0x03D8 SharePoint Foundation Logging Correlation Data xmnvMedium
07/23/2011 14:23:52.03 w3wp.exe (0x125C) 0x03D8 SharePoint
Foundation Logging Correlation Data xmnvMedium
07/23/2011 14:23:52.08 w3wp.exe (0x125C) 0x03D8 SharePoint
Foundation Monitoring b4lyHigh Leaving Monitored
Scope (EnsureListItemsData). Execution
07/23/2011 14:23:52.10 w3wp.exe (0x125C) 0x03D8 SharePoint
Foundation Runtime
tkauUnexpectedSystem.ArgumentException: List 'Personnel List' does not exist
at site with URL 'http://a-administrator/sites/TestWebParts'. at
Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListCollection.GetListByName(String strListName, Boolean
bThrowException) at
Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.SPDataSourceView.GetList(SPContext context,
SPWeb web, Guid listId, String listName)238c2fb4-634c-4416-bdf2-2f2edb773413
07/23/2011 14:23:52.11 w3wp.exe (0x125C) 0x03D8 SharePoint
Foundation Monitoring b4lyMedium Leaving Monitored
Scope (Request
Execution Time=91.3884340787657238c2fb4-634c-4416-bdf2-2f2edb773413
07/23/2011 14:23:52.64 OWSTIMER.EXE (0x1040) 0x1678 SharePoint
Foundation Monitoring b4lyHigh

And i had created the PersonnelList, with data in it.

Below is the code that was used to develop the webpart in 2007. I had copied
this code in to VS2010 to develop the webpart.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<webPart xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WebPart/v3">


<type name="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart,
Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" />

<importErrorMessage>Cannot import this Web Part.</importErrorMessage>




<property name="PageSize" type="int">5</property>

<property name="HelpMode" type="helpmode">Modeless</property>

<property name="Height" type="string" />

<property name="SampleData" type="string" null="true" />

<property name="AllowConnect" type="bool">True</property>

<property name="CatalogIconImageUrl" type="string" />

<property name="XslLink" type="string" null="true" />

<property name="AllowClose" type="bool">True</property>

<property name="Hidden" type="bool">False</property>

<property name="MissingAssembly" type="string">Cannot import this Web

<property name="TitleIconImageUrl" type="string" />

<property name="ChromeState" type="chromestate">Normal</property>

<property name="FireInitialRow" type="bool">True</property>

<property name="Description" type="string">Display top 5 anniversaries
at home page.</property>

<property name="AllowMinimize" type="bool">True</property>

<property name="Xsl" type="string">

<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:x="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"
xmlns:d="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/dsp" version="1.0"
exclude-result-prefixes="xsl msxsl ddwrt"

<xsl:output method="html" indent="no"/>



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Answer #1    Answered On: Oct 13    

In your message you said you had created "PersonnelList", but the code is
looking for a list called "Personnel List" (with a space). Try changing the
display name of the list in the site or in the code so they match.

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