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WebApplication for Projects

  Asked By: Marie    Date: Apr 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 841

i want to create a WepApplication 'just for' any kind of Projects within our Company. The Idea is: if someone has to create a Project (there are some requirements, for example: a Projects needs always more then 2 Mandays) he just surf to http://workspace press a Button do create a Project and can select which type of Template he need for it. But i have some Questions or better said, i would be happy to have someone who valid my thoughts:

1.) The Root Page ( / ) will be a 'Site Directory'. On this all 'visitors' are be able to find directly all Projects which could be interessting for them.
1.1.) I've created the Root Page already but the 'Create Site' button in the Top Right Corner is only linking to 'http://_layouts/newsbweb.aspx', which - oh wonder - doesnt exist. Is this a known Template Bug? all other Links on the Page linking to http://workspace/... as they should.

2.) If someone press the Create Site Button, he can give it a name and type...
2.1.) How to restrict the Name of the Site ? for example, we want to get only PROJECT0001 ... PROJECT0002 ... and so one, but a free description for it.
2.2.) How to restrict the Path of the site ? see 2.1.)
2.3.) How to define the Administrator of the new Site ?

Well, a much open Questions...

Next Idea, instead of Site would be own SiteCollections, for example:

http://workspace/ root page
http://workspace/project/pr0001 Project no.1
http://workspace/project/pr0002 Project no.2

But how to let Users create their own Sitecollection for a new Project ? And how to be sure that the Name is the Correct one ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Latisha Schneider     Answered On: Apr 02

I can quickly answer in regards to all requests starting with #2.

All of these requirements  are reasonable and can be accomplished. This can be solved using either an asp.net form or an infopath form. both can allow you to have some input validation as well as error checking to ensure that the correct  data is being entered following your business logic.

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