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WEB Svcs GetListItems - 6 args or 7 ?

  Asked By: Betsy    Date: May 11    Category: MOSS    Views: 1089

I've put this post on two MS Public sites, but gotten zero replies.

Am trying to use Web Services from Word 2003 VBA and MS Toolkit 2.01
to retrieve list data from a SharePoint (MOSS) site.

I have successfully used GetListCollection.

My problem is that the proxy presented to me (from VBA & Toolkit) has
7 arguments for GetListItems method whereas all examples I dig up from
MSDN Specs, Blogs, etc. have only 6 arguments for GetListItems method.
The extra arg is the list GUID. I check the class module that Toolkit
builds and sure enough, 7 args required.

So what happens if the list name & GUID don't agree? Why need both?
Which one overrides?

What to do?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Dana Hodges     Answered On: May 11

According to the Windows SharePoint Services SDK, the last argument is the

Optional. A string containing the GUID of the parent web  site for the list
surrounded by curly braces ({}). Setting this parameter to null means the Web
site specified by the Url property of the service will be used, and if the Url
property of the service is not specified, the root Web site will be used.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kent Harmon     Answered On: May 11

Well, I downloaded the SDK yesterday, and sure enough, your quote is
correct. I never thought to look there given the unanamity of other

SO, how come all the MSDN articles & Blogs use a 6 arg version, and
how's a non guru (me, just a hacker) suppose to know what to do?

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