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Web Publishing SPS Using ISA

  Asked By: Alma    Date: Sep 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1212

We want to webpublish our sharepoint portal server to ISA.
We are using a PIX Firewall and want to use ISA behind this PIX
Firewall. ( so ISA is not directly connected to internet. Also we
have a L2 switch between the ISA and PIX Firewall.)
Since we have a PIX firewall, we have changed the security of ISA
to 'Limited'.Is this correct ? pls. advise.

We have configured the ISA with two NIC's.
ISA and Sharepoint portal server are on different machines but both
are inside our LAN.

We have created a website in IIS for the workspace.
Now the configuration on IIS on which SPS is running is as follows;
1. 'Default Web Site' is running on port 80 with 'All unassigned' as
the IP.
2. Our '<Workspace>' is running on a static IP on port 80.

But when we tested the site, we found that ISA is routing the request
to 'Default web site' instead of the new web site that we have
created for the workspace. why is this happening ? Have i made any
configuration error ?
Also the dashboard site is not opening ( i think this question will
be more proper in SPS newsgroup, but if anyone has configured SPS
with ISA pls. advise) even after i have configured the proxy settings
as mentioned in MS Extranet white paper.

One very basic question.

In MS Extranet white paper, it is mentioned that if you are using the
proxy, enter the proxy settings for the dashboard site else use
fakeproxy. Now my question is

Q: Since we are using a PIX Firewall and not using ISA as a proxy
server, does the above hold true for this type of configuration ?
i.e Does ISA become a proxy server for SPS ?



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