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Good web parts for "what's new" on a site/subsites?

  Asked By: Virginia    Date: Oct 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2453

We had a request from a VIP to make SharePoint more like "Blackboard"
and have the ability to quickly show someone what's "new" when they
login. I messed around w/ the CQWP and got frustrated quickly.
Especially since one of the key things they are trying to see are new
discussions in the site and a subsite, the CQWP messes this up
because the "Message" content type doesn't have a "title" so they all
show up as "(Blank)". Very helpful. :P

The OOB RSS Reader also sucks since it doesn't work w/ authentication
(SharePoint w/out authentication? huh?). We are going to install and
test out the Smiling Goat RSS Reader, which may help, but what else
is there?

Has anyone ever used/seen Blackboard (I have not)? Do you know of a
good way (other than alerts) for someone to just "See" everything
that's been changed/added to a set of sites (not site collection, but
a site (w/in a collection) and *its* subsites) recently or since
their last login?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Donald Torres     Answered On: Oct 27

I answered my own question. I found this awesome free web  part:

It is really neat! The only problem I have w/ it is that it still
isn't perfect for displaying replies to discussions. Again, since
they don't have a title, it doesn't know what to display in the web
part. This one is a little better than CQWP, though. It at least
displays the ID number, plus it shows from which list and site  it's
from. I'll take it!

Just thought I'd post this in case others were interested in finding
a similar solution. Can't beat free?

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