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Web Part Views issue when displaying a list in a web part

  Asked By: Mercedes    Date: Jan 27    Category: MOSS    Views: 4010

I have a SharePoint list with over 60 views. I add a web part to a web part
page - this web part displays this list.

I edit the web part properties to change the view and only the first 50 views
appear in the 'Selected View' dropdown. Is there a way to get the remaining 10
views to display?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Bhupendra Borkar     Answered On: Jan 27

Overwhelming public opinion seems to be that this is a hard-coded limit.
Suggestions include (a) using personal views wherever possible, (b)
selecting "Edit View" in the web part and tweaking the displayed view from
there, and (c) using a DataView WebPart instead. You might also try a
Content Query WebPart, though it's a lot more trouble to work with one of

If you want to get a bit deeper -- i.e. into the code world -- you could try
inheriting the ListView WebPart and using lists.asmx to return your own
dropdown selection. Not sure if that would work or not, depending on the
nature of the relevant classes.

One particularly hackish approach to try would be to use JavaScript to
insert and select another option in the list view dropdown list while
editing the web part. Of course this might be defeated by the page's
internal validation, but if you don't mind messing with the web.config, you
should be able to turn that off until you're done (unless it's explicitly
activated in the page, at which point you'd have to edit the page itself
which would break it out of the site definition). It all depends on how
badly you want that list view to show up in the web part.

Answer #2    Answered By: Shobhana R.     Answered On: Jan 27

I googled this and found nothing - I'm surprised this hasn't happened to others.

To temporarily resolve this, I had to remove enough views to get under the 50

Answer #3    Answered By: Winston Ayers     Answered On: Jan 27

My own trip revealed at least 10 relevant hits, from which I pulled
the information in paragraph 1 below. Now if I can just remember what
search terms I used...

Answer #4    Answered By: Moshe Harding     Answered On: Jan 27

I would choose jQuery (it's the magic bullet, don't you know?) and
web services. You could populate a dropdown based on the return set.


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