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Web part capabilities

  Asked By: Mathew    Date: May 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 771

Navigating the document libraries isn't as
easy as it was in 2001. I've yet to find a web-part that will allow
a "Folder View" navigation (i.e. WinXP's explorer bar folder view)
where you could easily navigate subfolders. An example would be
similar to the one above, we have an extremely deep folder hierarchy
for certain large proposals, being able to quickly navigate to the
desired folder would be a great improvement.



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Answer #1    Answered By: James Miller     Answered On: May 02

Actually, having created custom ASP.NET server controls, I found the process straight forward. It suffers from the base problem of all custom server controls, lack of good GUI development. This must wait for a better Visual Studio development product.

However, the process getting them into production and "trusted" could be made easier.

My one BIG request is that a way be provided to "refresh/purge" any cached web  part fragments when a web part  is replaced. The IISRESET is a bit draconian and endears your user base to you.


A. Development staging

As I mentioned earlier, provide a way to upgrade an existing site to reflect changes in a site template/environment while retaining existing content lists, files, etc. Alpha, beta, production staging.

Answer #2    Answered By: Collin Griffith     Answered On: May 02

B. Modular Authentication

Provide a framework to enable authentication outside of the normal IIS/IE methods. Enable a totally custom authentication method as long as the method can provide a Windows account to WSS/SPS at the conclusion of the process. There is no major credible web  site I know of that relys on the IE userid/password popup dialog box for external user access. On the contrary, you normally assume that the web site has a problem if you see this dialog box.

C. User Profile Driven Content

Rearrange the thinking of current SPS/WSS web content. DO NOT SHOW links/content/etc. which the user does not have permission to view or use. If a user does not have document  upload/delete rights, do not show them the choices for those controls. Letting the users proceed until they hit an error message trying something they don't have access to, is bad. It just generates calls to the help desk.

Sure, it takes more work and processing, but the payoff is a more positive user experience. Remove the choices which lead to a functional deadend.

Answer #3    Answered By: Scott Nelson     Answered On: May 02

D. Gradations of Access

WSS/SPS is not ready for prime time (that is, for usage by the general public). If you place an unmodified WSS/SPS site out for general usage, prepare for a flood of help desk calls from confused users. There is no nice way to allow gracefully varying degrees of access to your SPS website. The IE userid/password dialog box will give your usability designer fits. Links and java scripts choices to actions the user does not rights to use will generate error pages which will generate calls to the help desk. The lack of fine access control at the file level or in document  libraries affects the layout of the website. This point must be dealt with along side the prior point. Visibility must be driven by access.

E. Administration - How?

Using the current administration web  pages to fine-tune a web site topology is like solving the Tower of Hanoi puzzle. A great web site is designed to minimize the number of user clicks to get from point A to point B. You are looking at a vast field of administration information through a pinhole. Many administrative functions work much better and quicker if you can see a broader picture of your web site. There is nothing wrong with providing tree-views and table views where a larger number of web sites can be viewed (and controlled) at one time.

It is to the point where I will spend my company's development budget on writing administration utilities rather than having to use the existing web admin pages. READ below, "The Ultimate Horror Experience for a Developer".

F - Documentation

Release new documentation updates monthly!!!!!! (or daily, you pick) Fill in the vast number of documentation holes. WSS is getting there. SPS is still vastly undocumented.

Answer #4    Answered By: Dwayne Jensen     Answered On: May 02

In sharepoint 2001 there was the ability to have outlook parts that would look at the local outlook pst file and display them. It seems that in Sharepoint 2003 they have done away with that. I would like to see that put back as we are a site that doesn't use exchange and would like to have the ability so the users could look at their pst file from their my site.

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