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Web folders are kind of broken, http works

  Asked By: Justin    Date: Sep 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1432

I finally experienced the problem again of SPPS's web folders acting flaky,
but the web services mostly working ok. What's happening is that
http://server/workspace <http://server/workspace> is working fine as long
as I'm not uploading any documents or performing document actions (meaning I
can browse around and such). Same thing with web folders hosted at
http://server/workspace <http://server/workspace> .

I can create a new folder, but I cannot rename it. I cannot move files from
a folder to another. I cannot delete a folder or a file. Every time I try,
the dialog box comes up saying "copying ... " or "deleting..." or
"moving..." and it sits there. For hours. Then at the end of the waiting
period, a pop up says something to the effect of "unable to perform
operation. Either network problems exist or network authentication problems
are preventing blah blah blah"

I've tried it as me (coordinator of workspace and domain administrator), a
general user (author privs), from my workstation, from the SPPS itself and
I've asked two others to try to do general tasks. They all time out and
give this error if we wait around long enough.

Browsing to the intranet and dashboards seem to work fine. This all started
this morning when I browsed to http://server/workspace/Portal
<http://server/workspace/Portal> Content/News, created a folder called "Old
News" and went to try to move some of the news items into this directory.
The folder got created ("New Folder") and renamed ("Old News") just fine.
Further events fail.

I don't see anything in the event viewer that's out of the norm.

This seems to happen every once in a while -- this last time it's been a
month since the last occurance. Before that it was about every week or so
that we had the problem.

I'm scheduling a reboot for tonight since that seems to fix the problem, but
I'm wondering if anyone out there has tips on what to look for when it
happens again or before I reboot it. I hate production servers that act
this way.



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