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Web Folders causing problems

  Asked By: Imdrajit    Date: Dec 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 806

"When I view the portal through a browser I can see everything. I have
co-ordinator access to the portal. When I try to create a web folder for the
workspace, "My Network Places" just hangs for ages and ages. If I do let the
creation continue it does eventually finish but the web folder is empty"
I assume that this is an issue with the users SPS Client Components
installation as we have successfully created web folders for other users of
the portal. We have tried the SPS Client re-install approach but there is no
entry for SPS Cleint Components in Add/Remove Programs and when we try to
run the set-up we get prompted that there is already a different version of
the client components installed?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Giselle Glass     Answered On: Dec 19

Are you running the setup from SPS client  SP1? When you run it, it should
ask whether to remove or repair the installation if you already have
components in (I forget exact wording).

Or, perhaps you're running a setup of pre-SP1 client components  and you
already have an SP1 (or a damaged SP1) installation on that machine?

Oh, and client components SHOULD show up in Add/Remove Programs. It's
listed as "Client Components for Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server 2001" .
Picture attached for those who support it.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kendra Webb     Answered On: Dec 19

Is is not SP1. The main issue  it think is that the set-up  won't start - it
isn't even getting as far as displaying the install/repair/un-install
Also, if the SPSClient component were not installed  should the web  folder
not create  anyway - except the folders  would just look like standard

Anybody got any ideas?

Answer #3    Answered By: Elizabeth Anderson     Answered On: Dec 19

Run the install with some logging options. I think it's /L*v [logfilename]
or something like that.

I just tested it:

msiexec /i \\path\to\SPSCLIENT.MSI <file://\\path\to\SPSCLIENT.MSI> /L*v

I can send you my log file of an install on my box with the above
command line. It's 1MB :) , well 54K zipped. But at least you'd be able to
see what a good install looks like and maybe find out from your log where it
went wrong.

Answer #4    Answered By: Jerome Montgomery     Answered On: Dec 19

There is no need to send the log file - the client  will
install on my machine so I can produce a log file here.
Hopefully it might help us determine what is going on, on the other

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