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Web App vs. Server side customizations

  Asked By: Valencia    Date: Oct 03    Category: MOSS    Views: 1329

We have been having a 2 year problem with our IT org in that they want to keep
our SP MOSS portal(don't know if this is correct term) plain MS vanilia. We want
them to add things like:
3rd party web parts,
workflow tool suite,
3rd party WF extensions,
maybe something from CodePlex.

Now our IT is proposing something which they wrap up in the following sentence:
"They will be able to get their own web app that they can customize to their
heart's content. However, any Server side customizations would have to be IT
remit only."

I don't know what this implies w/r to the above add-ons. Can someone help
translate please? I am not in IT and not a guru.

And, equally important, what questions do I still need to ask?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Debbie Snow     Answered On: Oct 03

Sounds like you need them to clarify their terms, particularly "customize"
and "server-side customizations".

I'd guess that they mean you'll get Site Collection Administrator rights,
but beyond that I couldn't say. Doesn't sound like you'll be able to
install anything on the box (Web Parts, tools, etc).

Answer #2    Answered By: Adalberto Merrill     Answered On: Oct 03

SharePoint customizations  can be done using three basic methods: User Interface,
SharePoint Designer, and Features/Solutions. If they give you your own Web
Application you would be able to do customizations that reside in the content
database. That covers customizations done using the User Interface or
SharePoint Designer. Customizations that require adding files to the physical
server would still need to go through the IT department. However, if you have
your own web  application I would imagine they would let you customize  things
that would only require changes on the server  inside your own web application
(For example deployment of custom Web parts  that make changes to the Web
Application's web.config file and bin directory, but not Web parts that are
deployed to the server's Global Assembly Cache or Features that need to be added
to the 12 hive.) So taking your list here's what you could probably do:

1) 3rd  party web parts - some depending on where they will need to be deployed.
This will still require IT org  cooperation.

2) Workflow tool  suite - If you mean ninetex or K2 then I doubt this will be
possible even with IT cooperation since it would effect the farm

3) 3rd party  WF extensions  - These are deployed via features in the 12 hive.
You won't be able to do this.

4) Codeplex - Depends on what from Code plex, but most of these projects also
are deployed via feature/solution which you won't be able to do.

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