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web analytics and health and usage data collection services -- sp2010

  Date: Nov 01    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 1143

I have a question regarding the SPUsageService (the usage and health logging
I have been running the web analytics service app for several days and didn't
see any results when attempting to view web analytics reports.
I saw a blog post that explained that the Usage and Health Data Collection
service had to be running and of course isn't by default.
lth-data-collection-service-application/ is the post I followed to start the
I got the service running and I am starting to get data in some of the analytics
Now..the real issue.
We have been running load tests and previously the CPU on the web servers were
running just fine...but then we provisioned the SPUsageService (Health and Usage
Data Collection Service Proxy)
When the SPUsage service is set to log, it seems to spike CPU on the web
servers…these servers have 8 cpus per web server.
The web analytics services have been running long before that so I am wondering
if the usage service is "catching up" with the amount of data needing to be
logged and analyzed by the web analytics services.
Does that sound right? Am I completely off?



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