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Ways to implement boolean AND searches against full

  Asked By: Elvin    Date: Nov 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2496

It appears that SPS2003 does not out-of-box provide for boolean AND
searches against the full text index:

Issue #1
The Simple Search Tool (textbox) on the portal home page points to
the full text index (maybe even the meta data as well), but has a
boolean OR hard-coded into its function. This prevents us from
performing a very natural search for (say) resumes
containing "portal" and "content management". Instead of getting a
SMALLER list of only those resumes which contain BOTH terms (the way
a boolean AND works), one would end up with a LARGER set of resumes
that contains EITHER terms (implying there is a hard-coded boolean
OR in this tool's function).

Issue #2
The Advanced Search Tool (page) DOES provide for boolean AND
searches, but does NOT provide access to the FULL TEXT index.
Instead, it only permits searching against the METADATA associated
with each piece of content.

I can think of 2 strategies:

Strategy #1
Find a way to enable boolean AND in the Simple Search (which is
against the full text index), or at least DISABLE the boolean OR
that's there;

Strategy #2
Find a way to ADD the 'property' called "FullText" to the list of
other properties already in the Advanced Search Tool (page);

BOTH of these strategies possess challenges, so I'm wondering if any
one has already handled this problem, and how did they do it?

I had nearly an identical challenge 2 years ago with a Plumtree
Portal (v4.01SP1) deployment, and ended up working out both of these
solutions. However, I'm all for a more elegant solution if one



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