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Way to manage all subscriptions?

  Asked By: Wayne    Date: Apr 27    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2920

I need to look at or change all the subscriptions on a sharepoint server,
not just my own. Seems I have a user who plugged in someone else's e-mail
address, soemone who doesn't even have access to the sharepoint server. Of
course no one did it so I'm just trying to see how I go and delete that



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sarita Patel     Answered On: Apr 27

If you are a coordinator, you should be able to see all the
subscriptions via the Management tab.

Answer #2    Answered By: Elias Cannon     Answered On: Apr 27

I see that, problem is you have to fill in a user. I don't know which user
created the subscription to this e-mail address. Whats happening is I'm
getting mail from my sharepoint  server to a user  abc@.... We don't
have a user with that name on my domain or on my sharepoint server. So if I
type nclark in the sharepoint server  it can't find any subscriptions. I'm
thinking that some other user typed nclark as their e-mail for come reason,
but I don't know who did it.

Answer #3    Answered By: Kartik Athani     Answered On: Apr 27

Ok. If you don't have "too" many subscriptions  to look at, you can use
the Exchange Explorer tool to see who owns the subscription.
The info you are looking for is
This should have the bad email address.
urn:schemas-microsoft-com:publishing:subscription will have the owner of
the subscription

You should be able to delete  the subscription using the tool, but I
would suggest that you use subscription manager web part if possible.

If you have too many subscriptions to look at each one let me know and I
will see if I can script something for you.

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