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wasted space

  Asked By: Korey    Date: Jun 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 674

Scenario – Migration from one set of servers to another

Action – Cleaning up files

Problem – WOW! Way too many duplicated documents

Result – Waste of more than 80GB (and then I stopped keeping track)

Question – Is there any way to get, figure maybe via SQL, Sharepoint to check on file uploads whether a file exists and then, probably via VB or somesuch, get it to prompt the user that the file already exists and would the user prefer to just link to the file already in existence? A lot of times Users just don’t know, maybe this would save time, bandwidth and space.

I know that space is getting cheaper every day but I just don’t like wasting it either way. Also, the backing up and restoring would be quicker as well as the migration woulnd’t be taking so $$@! Long. Seeing as how all the files are maintained in the DB, at least in our configuration, there must be a way to get this too work but I’m just not good enough with code or queries to figure it out. I’ve toughed out the migration so far, across untrusted domains, from single server setup to clustered web & SQL, so I don’t feel “too” cheesie asking for help.

If my email contains too much humor or is too verbose please excuse and correct me. I will watch it in the future. Thanks in advance and I look forward to learning and maybe sharing anything I may know or learn along the way.



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