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Want to share - points of doubts

  Asked By: Maulik    Date: Mar 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1251

Iam in learning process as the project is assigned to me for sps2 protal

I want to know basic differences between

Sharepoint portal server 2003 and Windows Sharepoint service

why do we need to go for sharepoint portal server to develop a portal.?

also I want to know whether it is compulsory to use webparts .. can't we develop
it using .aspx files (.net) ..
when should we go for webparts.. when should we go for .aspx development using
sharepoint object model?

I have still many doubts but as Iam in learning process..and finding the project
and Sharepoint intresting..

fortunate to join in this group to 'Share my points' of doubts..



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Answer #1    Answered By: Makayla Lewis     Answered On: Mar 05

What are your points  of doubt? What you ask is questions about
differences between technologies.

Start here for some basic  research on the products.


Check this link for the differences  between SPS and WSS.


Very quickly here is the basic rundown on SPS vrs WSS

WSS provides team collaboration. It allows users to maintain sites,
share documents and list such as links and issues. Using WSS, users can
do searches that are contained within the site and any subsite. As long
as you have a properly licensed server  2003 then you can use WSS without
any additional licensing.

Portal is built on top of WSS. Portal primarily aggregates various data
sources including multiple WSS sites, web pages, public Exchange
folders, file shares ect. It has a much more robust search engine that
can search all of these data sources. Portal also provides for
personalized workspaces as well as profile information.

Web Parts are the key extension route for SPS and WSS. WebParts are
based on server controls. Do you have to use them - no. You can make
ASPX pages and create links to these Web Apps. The difference being the
WebParts are in line with the existing SPS/WSS page and the aspx pages
are simple links to separate apps. Do not discount using WebParts in
conjunction with the SPS/WSS object model.

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