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Version History and log files are not synchronized?

  Asked By: Garrett    Date: Sep 13    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1263

This takes place in a document library in WSSV2.0 with versioning
turned on:

Problem scenario:
6/6/2007: Person A claims she saved a file with changes. A new
version was created modified by Person A. Persons C,D and E worked
from the file; changes were not there.

6/21/2007: Persons A,C,D and E opened the file; changes showed.
Version history shows Person A saved the file creating a new version.

Person A claims she was driving in a car with her computer next to
her on 6/21/07 at the time the version history indicates that she
saved the file.

The security event log confirms that she did not log into the
computer on or around the time in question.

The iis log confirms no activity by Person A around the time in
question. However, it shows activity - difficult to say what - by
Person B whose name is not connected to the version history on
6/21/07 at the time in quesiton.

1. Since Person A, an auditor, is now questioning the credibility
of SharePoint; Has anyone seen a delayed reaction in saving a file
(6/6)and showing the resulting changes (6/21)? We have not.

2. Has anyone seen a discrepancy in the logs and the version
history time? We checked the offset time between version history,
event log and iis log and took this into consideration as the site,
document library and log files are on a server in France. Persons
A,B,C,D and E are accessing the file from the U.S.

A. Person A claims to know how to use SharePoint saying that she
checked in the file on 6/6.
B. Person A claims not to have signed onto a computer for or given
her password to Person B on 6/21/07 ... or ever.



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