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V2ListTemplateName with ContentType

  Asked By: Marco    Date: Dec 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1394

I am creating Content Types for our site and am running into a
problem. I am not sure which are the problem is, though, and I am
hoping one of you has run into it. The content type I have created
inherits the Item Content Type.

I have created the Content Type columns and have installed and
activated that feature for my site collection. I have created the
content type and have installed and activated that feature for my
site collection, but no matter what I do, i come up with an issue.

When I create a new list and assign that content type to it, I make
it the default content type. I make any changes needed to the
columns, including order, and then go to the main list. When I
click "New" It takes me to a page where only the Title field is
available. If I enter that title, click OK, and then choose to edit
that item, all the fields are available for edit. I want all the
fields to be available in New.

Here is the code for my content type: (I notice that
V2ListTemplateName="ListForm" was needed to even make the Title field
show up, so I assume the problem is there. But, I can't find a
listing anywhere for the ListTemplate Names.)

<ContentType ID="0x0150"





Version="0" >


<FieldRef ID="{fa564e0f-0c70-4ab9-b863-0177e6ddd247}"
Name="Title" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Suspected_Activity;"
Required="TRUE" ShowInNewForm="True" Hidden="FALSE" />

<FieldRef ID="{7F8BB897-EDE2-4f84-BC60-5AD7E92CDDC0}"
Name="DateandTime" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Date_Time;"
Format="DateTime" Required="True" ShowInNewForm="True" />

<FieldRef ID="{2E6DE274-6CB6-4c26-9CCD-919B02BB5179}"
Name="City_County" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,City_County;"
Required="True" ShowInNewForm="True" />

<FieldRef ID="{1F073EFD-D1A9-4de5-A478-C3AEA69CD84D}"
Name="4Q_Location" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Location;"
Required="True" ShowInNewForm="True" />

<FieldRef ID="{29999582-A1B6-4d72-9251-9AAE53786A69}"
Name="4Q_Notes" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Notes;" Required="True"
ShowInNewForm="True" />

<!--FieldRef ID="{8093046D-FE49-42c6-8E8E-72E83AFF032E}"
Name="SuspectedActivity" Required="False" ShowInNewForm="True" /-->

<FieldRef ID="{BCFC56A0-9231-4cb2-95A8-FAE183F91B20}"
Name="OfficersName" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Officers_Name;"
Required="True" ShowInNewForm="True" />

<FieldRef ID="{9BE78530-E748-404a-978D-450DEC97D962}"
Name="OfficerIDorBadge" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Officer_ID;"
Required="True" ShowInNewForm="True" />

<FieldRef ID="{8C8E3A8A-12A3-4928-97BE-9032B0EEE9CE}"
Name="Agency" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Agency;" Required="True"
ShowInNewForm="True" />

<FieldRef ID="{2629CD92-0082-4703-AE8C-765FAF548F24}"
Name="OfficersPhone" DisplayName="$Resources:4Q,Officers_Phone;"
Required="True" ShowInNewForm="True" />