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Utilization of ExecuteURL

  Asked By: Krysta    Date: Dec 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 993

I need to achieve the folowing:

Utilization of ExecuteURL in order to provide the
following through the Object Model:
a.Create Site Groups
b.Create Cross-Site Groups
c.Populate the above “Groups” for the list below with

i.Document Libraries

ii.Lists with users

I understand that perhaps ONet.xml may have to be
cahnged but dont have a clear idea..:(
Does anybody have a clue? or any code snippet that can
help me in this direction...



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sammie Lancaster     Answered On: Dec 23

See the SharePoint SDK for information on how to use ExecuteUrl.

1. Create a somepage.aspx under the _layout folder that does the
modifications and then redirect to your site  when finished.
2. Setup ExecuteUrl in onet.xml to use this page.

PS! To my knowlegde, ExecuteUrl do only works under Windows
SharePoint Serverice and not under SharePoint Portal.

Answer #2    Answered By: Aron Kirk     Answered On: Dec 23

I have setup a aspx application that lives in the
_layouts\mydir\myproj.aspx and I would like to have this aspx page
run upon the creation of a site. I create  this site  from the
portal\sites "Create Site" menu selection and walk through the
creation of a new site selecting a sharepoint template like "team
site" or "blank" site. I have modified the "SPSSites\onet.xml" file
to include a "ExecuteUrl" tag with the URL
= "_layouts\mydir\myproj.aspx". This does not work.
So am I modifying the correct onet.xml file? There are alot of
those. Secondly, should I have my aspx page in
the "_layouts\myproj.aspx" - meaning move the location up on level
in the directory structure. Third, I have read that "ExecuteUrl"
will only work with WSS sites - so does this mean that the way I am
creating the site from the Portal that the "ExecuteUrl" will not

Answer #3    Answered By: Hailey Clark     Answered On: Dec 23

1. Typically, you'd start by making a copy of one of the standard site
templates, such as STS (e.g. copy to STSNEW under ..\TEMPLATES\1033 if you want
the new template to be similar to a team site).

2. Edit the ONET.XML found in the ..\STSNEW\XML folder to include the
ExecuteUrl element pointing to your .aspx

3. Edit or add a new WEBTEMPS..XML file in the ..\TEMPLATES\1033\XML folder
(e.g. WEBTEMPSNEW.XML) to include a reference to your new template.

4. Issue IISRESET command

5. Placing your .aspx under _layouts is fine.

6. Sites created through the SPS create  site process are no different than
sites created through WSS, except that SPS knows about them.

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